Davido Continues With The War, Takes Another Swipe At Wizkid


Words they say hurt and yes, this has
been demonstrated before our very
presence with the war quietly but
powerfully raging between two highly
celebrated acts, Wizkid and Davido .
Following the shades both threw
several hours ago,  it seems the FALL
crooner, is far from done with
slamming Wizkid.
Recall, Wizkid, in a now deleted tweet,
allegedly implied Davido, is local and
needs to be humble so he could learn
what needs to be learnt to attain an
international status, a tweet Davido
found really disrespectful and hurtful
that he needed to respond with the
video of an interracial couple dancing
to his song, well, he is far from done
with his response to the LOCAL
CHAMPION statement by Wizkid.
He again took to IG to further prove
he isn’t local by posting a photo of the
himself climbing atop what looks like
either a fence or a phone booth
situated just beside the Eifel tower
captioning it:


I knew those karate lessons as a kid
would come in handy one day ! Deff
had to do this before my flight to
Miami !!!
With all of these drama going on on
social media, Wizkid is yet to respond,
as the only post going up on his
handle are majorly to promote his


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