I Have Already Started Working On A New Album – Wizkid


Starboy Wizzy, is letting us all know
work just started as he doesn’t seem to
be sowing down at all.
Wizkid, who was recently featured on
US Based Hunter Magazine, talked
about a couple of things to include his
music, he international market and
The COME CLOSER crooner on music,
explained that although his goal is to
make music for the world, he is
however contented with his fanbase at
the moment.


Having been the but of many jokes as
to him trying to live and act  like
afrobeat legend Fela , Wizkid made it
clear that this isn’t the case., He
explained that although he idolizes the
afrobeat legend, he however isn’t
trying to live like him.


On being tagged as the face of
I’m not really seeing myself as the
one champion of the movement. I’m
just contributing my own little part.
Keep the movement moving, and take
it there, you know? I’d say we make
afro-pop. I don’t just make
afrobeats… I make music. I draw
inspiration from all over. From
dancehall reggae, afrobeat, American
music as well. Whatever I listen to, I
draw inspiration from.
On the similarities between himself
and the legendary Fela Anikulapo-
Every artist has that one person that
inspired them, or a group of artists
that inspired them. Fela happens to
be a very big inspiration to my music,
Bob Marley as well. So I’m just here
spreading good vibes. I’m not trying
to live like Fela or do what he has
done. I just appreciate everything he
did when he was alive and I am here
to create my own legacy.


On expectations from his music on the
international scene:
The aim is not really to cross over. I
just want to make good music for the
world. It’s really not in my mind to
cross over to America. I have my own
fan base, which is Africa. And I just
want to keep feeding that fan base
and hope it grows.

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