The Man City midfielder – on loan at
Sevilla – visited an intravenous vitamin
therapy spa in LA last month, causing
concern he could have broken the rules
Samir Nasri has been warned he could face
a four-year ban from football if found
guilty of breaking World Anti-Doping
Agency (WADA) rules.

The fallout from the bizarre Twitter rant
from the Sevilla midfielder – on loan from
Manchester City – continues, in which he is
claimed to have been hacked by someone
obsessed with sexual activity allegations.
Nasri visited Drip Doctors, an intravenous
vitamin therapy and lifestyle medical spa
based in Los Angeles, which alerted WADA
to the potential use of prohibited IV

“A violation of Article 2.2 of the code
could result in a sanction of up to four
years,” WADA spokesman Ben Nichols said
in a statement.
“However, this will depend upon factors
such as whether or not the use was
intentional and if unintentional, the
sanction could be subject to further
reductions on the basis of no significant
fault or negligence.”
Nasri currently has a contract at City
which runs until 2019, reportedly in excess
of £100,000 a week, but joined Sevilla on
a season-long loan deal last August.
Spain’s anti-doping agency AEPSAD, the
agency for the protection of health in
Spanish sport, opened an investigation
into Nasri on December 28.

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