TIPS: Why Should You Drink Water Right After You Wake Up?

When you drink water early in the morning,
this encourages the production of
hematopoiesis, which is also called new
blood. This so-called new blood will help the
body restore itself, eventually curing
diseases. More benefits include:

1. Water makes your skin healthier. Water can
remove toxins from the blood and this can
result to better looking and glowing skin.
2. Get a more balanced lymph system.
Drinking water first thing in the morning
every day can balance your lymph system.
Note that the lymph glands in your lymph
system are the ones responsible for fighting
infections, so you can perform various
activities daily. Additionally, the glands help
steady the fluids within your body.
3. You can lose weight . Consuming about 16
ounces of chilled water can boost your
metabolism by almost 25%. If your goal is to
lose weight, always drink water in the
morning to shed the extra pounds.
4. Some illnesses may be cured. Water is a
well-known purifier and when the body is
cleansed, some ailments may be easily fought
and removed. Drinking water can help cure
vomiting, menstrual disorders, cancers, throat
diseases, eye diseases, urinary illnesses,
kidney diseases, tuberculosis, arthritis,
diarrhea, and headaches among others.
Drinking at least five glasses of water when
you wake up will give you great results. Make
sure you turn this into a habit, so you can
truly benefit from it. Remember to drink water
first before you drink or eat anything else. It
is recommended that you drink water an hour
before you have breakfast. Drinking about
five to six glasses of water may seem a lot,
especially at first. However, this becomes
much easier as you get accustomed to the

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