ENTERTAINMENT: 4 Awkward Moments At The 2016 Headies Awards


From the days of D’banj’s
towel wielding performance down to
Olamide and Don Jazzy’s deeply pained
exchange of words at the 2015 awards
which took place this year, the Headies
Awards are famed for being a bit of a
The award show took place last night at
the Eko Convention Center, Victoria
Island, and of course it was plagued with
its huge share of cringe worthy/awkward
Here are top 5 silly to downright
awkward moments at the 2016 Headies
awards in no particular order

Wizkid Intentionally Snubs Eva
Alordiah’s Man
Amidst shouts of joy, love and sheer
gratitude, Wizkid, made his way to his
reserved seat at the Headies award show
but did that with some sort of epically
produced 1:30 minute drama series.
While making his way to his seat,
Wizkid, stopped to greet rapper Eva
Alordia, but in the process, brought
down heavy torrents of embarrassing
rain on Caesar , Eva’s boyfriend who
stood up in all his glory with arms wide
open and grin so wide you’d think he just
saw his long lost brother, by snubbing
him and hugging his calmly seated
girlfriend, instead. The 26-year old
singer, sure would win an
award someday with this epic display of
pettiness as he acted like Caesar was
nothing but ‘Casper the freaking
‘maybe’ friendpresentation

Awkward pauses between each
award presentation

For every wardrobe change, the crowd
and even viewers who spent their hard
earned cash to buy fuel in this recession
just to watch the show, had to endure
seconds of weird heart beats loud silence
[which mostly came from Ycee and
Humblesmith ] before the next award
presentation. This is a true story, I
basically, either got up to wee, stalked
my ex online and even found time to
listen to two tracks from Olamide’s yet to
be released album, during these moments.

Top acts were missing

This however was not due to the artistes
boycotting the show, the truth behind
this is that they arrived too late to be
ushered to their reserved seats. Earlier
editions of the award show, had always
started late which was partially due t to
artistes arriving late and delaying the
entire show. No longer in the mood to
accommodate their lateness, the
organizers started the show without these
artistes, broadcasting several empty seats
to the world which made it look like the
show was intentionallyembarrassment

Phyno’s embarrassment

Phyno’s song, ‘Fada Fada’ was awarded
the ‘Song Of The Year’ but the singer was
never presented with his trophy upon
getting to the stage. In what little respect
he still has for the organizers of the
show, he simply said; “Me I no get speech
o, Thank u for the award”.
Via our comment section, let us know
those moments that were just awkward
for you during the show.


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