ENTERTAINMENT: ‘There Is No Cuddling In Mavin, When You See Others Making Hits, You Strive To Make Yours’ – Di’Ja


Singer Di’Ja , recently sat down with LIB,
to talk music and her career with Mavin
The ‘Awww’ crooner, opened up on a of
of things starting from her style if music
to her career with Mavin and thoughts
on owning a record label anytime soon.
Read excerpts from the interview:
Let’s get back to music. Your music
kind of stands out from what every
other Mavin artiste does. How have you
been able to maintain your distinct
style of music?
Di’ja: First of all, thank you so much for
even listening to my music, but i don’t
think, adding new things into your music
or adding commercial things into your
music, makes you un-original. I actually
love commercial music. I think I’m in
my own world because sometimes i
actually think that my music is not
commercial pop, but it is everybody else
that tells me something else. So i guess as
the saying goes, the word celebrity
means you are a celebrated person,
meaning, you are working for the people.
So i don’t run away from being
influenced by certain things because no
matter how you look at it, everything
from when you are born is influenced by
something, even how you think and what
you are, regardless that somebody told
you that, that’s what you are going to be,
it’s later, later that you will start
forming that, ah!, ‘i want to be myself;
you know what i mean. So we have a
platform called ‘music’ to express
different things. But first of all, i always
give it up to the grace of God, i cannot
lie, I’m very much in the believe that it’s
not all me, because, as much as i have
plans, it’s God that says it all. So apart
from that, i honestly just do what i love.
I do music i would love to hear and
when same is compared to what every
other person is doing, people would kind
it. But i don’t really think there is so
much difference in music in terms of
how it makes people feel. For me music
is how you interpret it, if it makes you
feel good and you are listening to it, then
that is your kind of music and there is no
need to be figuring it out, like what kind
of genre it is, because even as we dey
now, (everything just dey fuse) you
know, everything just ends up coming
back together. So for me, i think i just
enjoy what i do and i do what i enjoy,
and if you like it along the way, I’m very
grateful and if you don’t, i hope that i do
something you’d like. But i try not to…
(as you guys deh talk am, trend setter), i
just try my best, even if I try it and I
look somehow doing it, I try it again and
you know, one might just end up refining
it. Everybody started somehow, and
refined themselves later. For me, i just
keep doing what am doing and refining
same, so the more people I know and the
more things that influence me, the more
it allows me to form my own music.
Again, I also think it’s the lack of my
ability to copy someone, that gives me
the ‘how’ to form my own music. (So
because i no fit be you, i go com add one
kind style like this to my song), and
people would be like, ‘ah! You are
original. So nothing under the sun is
original my dear, we are just influenced
by something somehow.
How come apart from ‘Dorobucci’ you
and Tiwa have not collaborated?
Di’ja: Uhm, do you see how many we
are? And how do you know we haven’t?
I keep telling people that, it’s not all the
songs that you recorded today, that you’d
be release today. So depending on how
long you have been working. When you
started is only as irrelevant as whatever
people feel that they already know about
what you are doing, but then you have
been working on many things, but I
always say, how do you even know we
haven’t collaborated yet, it’s just that the
said song, you haven’t heard it yet. Then
there are so many of us, and there are so
many songs in Mavin right now, because
we like music, and each and every one of
us, bring something very different, which
is why it works so well. So sometimes
you see similarities some other times you
see differences, and it is those differences
that complements the other. So you never
know what to expect until you see.
How do you feel about Tiwa being
referred to as the first lady of Mavin
Di’ja: But i met her there, right? I mean,
she is the first lady of Mavin records. It’s
kind of funny when people want to state
the obvious. Tiwa is such an inspiring
person. Set aside the fact that we are
even in the same record label, i mean,
she has done so much and been through
so much, and she still keeps this standard
of performance that she does all the
time, you know what i mean, you can see
it. For me, it’s inspiring, and like i said, i
met her there. When you go to a place
and you meet someone there, it’s one of
two things, it’s either you learn from
them or you don’t, and so what i am
doing and what would be good for me is
to learn from somebody that is that
strong and that can inspire me and it’s
really mad cool, yeah.
So what is the biggest challenge you’ve
faced working with Mavin record?
Di’ja: I think one of the greatest
challenge you will face working with
Mavin is actually feeling like you are
creating hits. Because hits are being made
in that place, and na you go tell yourself
sey, (omoh, mek i stand up), you know
what i mean. Whatever challenge i am
going to be talking about now, is going to
be my strength later, because, those guys
force you to be better, because you can’t
be in Mavin and not do great music, i
mean, we have hard times and no matter
what, you are going to try certain things
and people are not going to like it, but if
you are in that group of people, you
would be inspired to try something else.
So it’s more or less of saying, ‘How do
you keep up? That’s what you should be
asking me, because everybody is hungry
and everybody is working, and what i
like about Mavin is that nobody is going
to tell you to work. When you see what
people are creating, you yourself you’d
just be like, (omoh, make i do something
or, why i dey sleep sef, why i dey nap).
So it’s a beautiful place to be in.
So do you plan to own a record label
Di’ja: Uhm, it is not in my plans, and it’s
not like there is anything to fear about
doing that, it’s just that owning a record
label is a very hard work. Dealing with
artist with very different personality
types, thoughts and creativity is not very
easy. So is not something i can say, oh,
because you did it then i can do it. So
right now, in my mind, i will never tell
you that nothing is ever going to make
me own one, but as of now, i don’t feel i
am that kind of person to own one. But
then i can have artistes, i mean people
that are doing very well that i can be
part of their lives and development ‘cos i
always believe that if God blesses you
with something, if you can in turn do it
for somebody else, even if it is one
person, then you’ve tried. So i can help
someone else build, but to say to own a
label right now, i don’t think i am just
about that kind of a person right now.


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