ENTERTAINMENT: Tekno’s Sony Music Deal: A backdoor Move?


Congratulations have been pouring in for
our *clears throat* Big Cassava king,
Tekno with regards to a certain Sony
Music Deal which he reportedly just
signed. An Instagram video showed Triple
MG boss Ubi Franklin and his act signing
some documents in the presence of One
Africa Music fest‘s CEO, Paul Okoye (not
of P-square). Although Tekno posted the
video without letting out anymore
information than a tongue out smiley,
Paul Okoye’s caption spilled quite a little
“Sony deal signed @teknoofficial
@upfrontbookings @fuzengn
oneafrica_musicfest @pauloo2104”

Judging from the success of  his chart
ripping smash hit Pana, it is without
doubt that 2016 was Tekno’s year. He
grew in all ramifications as an artiste,
found his sound and went from upcomer
to heavy weight A-lister…without an
album. It will not be totally unfounded if
the speculations surrounding his Sony
move are indeed correct.
However, the haze and vagueness
surrounding this said contract is hard to
ignore. When the rumours started
earlier in the month, the caption of
Paul’s IG post read “Sony Music New
York Global Deal”


The day of this signing comes and  a
video surfaces of Tekno, Ubi and Paul
putting pen to sheets without any Sony
representative in sight. Was Paul Okoye
appointed a Sony representative recently?
Perhaps the witness was doing the
filming? My bad.
It is only proper that some form of press
release is done to authenticate any
engagement between an artiste and a
record label; more so an international
one with such shoulder-high reputation.
When Davido signed his Sonydeal with
the label giants, there was hard back
The latest confirmed Sony Music
Entertaiment (West Africa) signee was
Tinny Entertainment’s Ycee and the deal
had its glaring receipts.
Even in the special cases of Wizkid and
Davido’s producer Shizzi, the sources
the information trickled from were too
credible and genuine for brows to be
raised. Even Davido made loose
references about their involvement and it
did not sound like top secret.
Another red flag points at the news
floating all around the media about the
Tekno and Sony relationship that have
different shades and no correlation
whatsoever. While some claim it is an
exclusive Sony Music West Africa affair,
others swear it is a global deal.
Whatever it really is, none of the Sony
parties involved seem to have said zilch.


Could this be a sour attempt at trying to
spite Iyanya?(Not sure why.) Or are we
just playing doubting Thomas and getting
completely ahead of ourselves? I guess
this is completely time’s story to tell.
Like someone said; maybe it is an
exclusive “Sony Music China” deal… Get
it? China? Tekno? Tecno Mobile? Never


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