NEWS: Boko Haram would not have taken place if I were the President – Atiku

Yola – Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar
took a complete swipe of past
administrations in handling the insurgent
Boko Haram, saying that if he were the
Nigerian leader then, the Boko Haram would
not have reared its ugly head in the country.
Atiku Abubakar spoke Tuesday night at the
American University of Nigeria AUN Yola
while distributing relief materials to over
5,000 internally Displaced persons, IDPs. “If I
were the President of Nigeria when Boko
Haram erupted, I could have used all means
at my disposal to avert it”. ATIKU “When we
were in government in 2002, a similar
incident which should have been more deadly
erupted in Yobe state and we immediately
contained it and nothing was heard of it
again”. “Such an ugly incident requires a
steadfast leadership that is decisive in its
deeds in dealing with it”, the former vice
President stated. ‘For Boko Haram insurgents
to have overran 7 of the 21 local
governments of Adamawa State beats my
imagination, and the efforts I put in place
that prevented Boko Haram from capturing
the entire state is left between me and my
creator”, he added. ‘I don’t even know my
father very well. But, it does not prevent me
from becoming what I am today. As an
orphan, I will continue to identify with the
less privileged ones in the society in the rest
part of my life”, Atiku declared. “As I clock 70
years this year, all my activities will be
dedicated to the cause of the Internally
Displaced Persons, not only Adamawa, but in
Borno, Yobe and other IDPs camps spread
across the country”, he maintained. The
former Vice President implored all his
admirers who wish to identify with him as
part of his 70th Birthday to channel them to
the IDPs. He commended the Adamawa
Peace Initiative for championing the cause of
the less privileged in the society, stressing
that when the initiative was conceived and
put together, the organizers never envisaged
the eruption of Boko Haram insurgency,
adding that the organization has now
assumed the major focal point in reaching
the displaced persons in the society. Alhaji
Atiku Abubakar along with members of the
Adamawa Initiative had earlier visited the St.
Theresa Catholic Cathedral and the
Jama’atul Nasir Islam JNI where they
distributed relief materials to the IDPs there.
On the present economic recession in the
country, the former vice president absorbed
the APC led federal government of any wrong
doing, blaming the recession on the fall of
the oil price in the international market. Atiku
Abubakar advised Nigerians to diversify as a
way out of the recession Earlier, the
President of the American University of
Nigeria, AUN lauded the Atiku Abubakar for
identifying with IDPs and urged other well –
to – do to emulate him.

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